Union de Vecinos is an organization of neighborhood committees where low income working families, seniors, and youth come together to SEE the conditions of their neighborhoods, REFLECT on the root causes of these conditions, and ACT to bring about real concrete change.

Union de Vecinos started in 1996 fighting against the demolition of the Pico Aliso public housing projects. Years later we have grown to a Network of Neighborhood Committees promoting economic and environmental justice, civic engagement, preservation of housing, and building healthy and stable community neighborhoods. We do this through community organizing, popular education and direct action. In our model, solution to a problem are developed by those most affected - community - this is what drives us and is at the heart of our work. 

 Building Community 

  Union de Vecinos, through its Neighborhood
  Committees, organizes local clean-ups, murals,
  custom bench designs, community wide
  cultural celebrations, stop lights and cross walks
  for safety, solar powered lighting in areas with
  no light posts, and many other initiatives that
  improve the quality of life in Boyle Heights
  and Maywood. 


  Developing Leaders

  Union de Vecinos leverages 20 plus years of
  experience in our community organizing and
  coalition building in the development of future
  community leaders. Community leaders are
  residents invest in their time, energy, and
  passion into leading campaigns, meeting with
  their local councilman, organizing protests, and 
  building a base of support in their community
  through local Neighborhood Committees.


 Reclaiming Neighborhood 

  Union de Vecinos has spent 20 years working 
  with communities in Boyle Heights and Maywood
  to make government work for its low income 
  citizens. Through community organizing and 
  strategic partnerships, Union de Vecinos has
  fought to maintain the integrity of these 
  neighborhoods by ensuring that appropriate 
  housing and public space addresses the needs
  of the people.