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There is a housing crisis in Los Angeles and we need your support to save thousands of families facing eviction every year in this city! The devastating effects of rising rents, the demolition of rent controlled apartments, and reduced access to affordable housing has affected low income families the most. In response to an unprecedented problem, an unprecedented collaboration formed between POWER (People Organized for Westside Renewal) and Union de Vecinos, two organizations working with communities in west and east LA, respectively, to fight mass evictions, build community power, and establish grass roots training of future community leaders. The collaboration is called w.e.LA!

If you are a renter or care about housing, we need your support!  w.e.LA is leveraging 36 years of collective experience to prevent displacement and evictions. There are many legal service providers that assist tenants once eviction proceedings go to court. Our program is unique in that we work to address tenant issues before the eviction goes to court. The comprehensive range of services PREVENTS evictions before they happen and SLOWS the displacement happening in our communities. It also builds our organizing capacity to push for reform and changes on a city level for the benefit and protection of all tenants. There's never been more need for displacement prevention services in Los Angeles. 

wela-crowdrisesection3_copy.png Help save families from displacement. Your contribution goes towards our $15,000 goal to provide displacement prevention service. (click here to view video)
As part of the displacement prevention services, we inform tenants of their rights. We respond to three day notices. We work with landlords, tenants, and the Housing Authority on ensuring that apartments are repaired. We address nuisance complaints, reduced services, and a variety of problems that face tenants.(click here to view video) wela-crowdrisesection4_copy.png


This is a series focused on interviews of renters who decided to fight an eviction through our displacement prevention program. Displacement Prevention is about enforcing the rights of tenants to stay in their apartments. Each year 70K evictions clog the Downtown LA court and our homeless population is 45K and growing -there's a correlation!  w.e.LA is sharing these inspiring 'stories of staying' to show that an eviction doesn't have to go to court or end up with tenants living on the streets.  Click here to view interviews

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$1,694.00 raised
GOAL: $15,000.00
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    Support eviction prevention. Stop evictions before the happen! Just made a donation to W.E.LA https://wela.nationbuilder.com/eviction_prevention?recruiter_id=3
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